Max + Lucy 2015

As the clock struck midnight on the last day of 2014, it occurred to my seven year old daughter that we were going to need a new calendar.  She brought this to my attention a bit too early the following morning, and has gently reminded me every day since.

But any old calendar wasn’t going to do.  Oh no.  The calendar she had in mind would feature the two newest members of our family…Max + Lucy.  I wasn’t sure how the cats would feel about the project.  Turns out, Max loved the camera.  He’s a poser.  Lucy not so much.  Nevertheless, here we are, a mere 13 days later, and I am happy to say that the Max + Lucy Limited Edition 2015 Calendar is in production as we speak.  Hats off to my seven year old project manager, who kept me on task and made this whole thing happen.  I think I’ll put her in charge of next year’s Christmas cards…




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