Michelle + Tricia

Last December, New Mexico became the 17th state in the nation to legalize same-sex marriage.

And a few months ago, I documented the wedding between two remarkable women.

I’ll never forget the day Michelle announced the news of her engagement.  The announcement itself was very straight to the point.  She had proposed to Tricia over the summer, and they were planning a fall wedding.  Then she said, “I never thought anything like this would ever happen for me.”

That really stuck with me.  It seems simple…we should all be able to marry the person we love.  But for so many, it isn’t that easy.

To see Michelle and Tricia together, you can’t help but smile.  They are feisty, fun, and oh so in love.  They married on the first Friday in October, at the Casa Rodena Winery in Los Ranchos, NM.  There were rings, flowers, a cake…all the things you’d expect at a wedding.  But there was something more.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Michelle and Tricia addressed their guests.  They reminded us that a year ago this wedding would not have been possible.  Between tears and smiles, they thanked everyone for their support.  In that moment, I realized that we had all just witnessed a bit of history.

I’m so happy for these two women, who were able to face the world and commit their lives to each other.  I am proud to live in a state that honors marriage between two people, regardless of skin color, social class, religion…or sexual orientation.  And I am grateful.  Grateful to have been a part of this day.  Grateful that my own wedding was made possible because brave souls before me had the courage to follow their hearts.  This wedding is paving the way for so many more couples, and one day it will seem absurd that two women were once upon a time not allowed to live happily ever after.

My most heartfelt congratulations to you, Michelle and Tricia.  You are beautiful, you are courageous, you are inspiring!

Venue:  Casa Rodena Winery

Catering & Wedding Cake: Jan’s On 4th

Music: Sean Etigson

Photography:  SarahStella Photography, assisted by Rhonda Thomas


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