July 1.0

July is the start of the summer monsoon season in ABQ…and it’s one of my FAVORITE things about living here.  The days start sunny and clear, the temperature steadily rises, and just before it gets too hot, huge, dark, billowy clouds form on the horizon.  They climb over the mountains and creep across the mesa.  Lightning strikes, thunder roars, and fat raindrops fall from the sky.  The storms usually roll through quickly, leaving behind clean, cool air, vivid rainbows and brilliant sunsets.  This year the rainclouds formed like clockwork on July 1st and made frequent appearances throughout the month.  Just as it should be!

‘S’ on Instagram ~ July 1.0
InstaJuly 1) Summer sunset in the Q  2) On the porch with my love {enjoying a rain storm!}  3) Froyo trips to Menchies  4) the stair rail to dad{gpa}’s office  5) Lucy loves cuddling under the covers  6) Another storm rolls in  7) Sunflowers love the rain  8) …as do grapes  9) Fun at the pool  10) Oh Max…  11) Rainbow!  12) The awful allergy test  13) Salsalitos from the kiddos’ Cooking Camp  14) Evening swim = we had the pool to ourselves!  15) Vegas trip…BFFs reunited  16) Summer Champs!!!


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