That’s My Dad

When my Dad needed new head shots, I happily volunteered.  We were supposed to meet at his office, but plans are made to be broken {it’s a family tradition}.  Instead we met at his house and set up in the backyard.  In between snaps he was throwing the football to my son, while my daughter stood at my side making silly noises and funny faces {trying to make him laugh}.  She’s a great assistant.

Despite the totally unprofessional environment, we managed to get a few respectable shots.  This one is my favorite…

Lautman_1wNow it’s time to brag.  My Dad, AKA Mark Lautman, is an Economic Development guru.  He has a consulting agency, Lautman Economic Architecture, that helps towns, cities, counties, states – you name it – create jobs and grow their economies.  He is a speaker and published author {you can get his latest book, “When the Boomers Bail” here}, an open water swimmer {he swims between continents}, a QUADrathlete, and a mountain climber.

Yeah, that’s my dad…he’s pretty awesome!


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