‘S’ Loves Instagram!

I love Instagram.  It has breathed new life into my photography.  I used to spend hours taking photos with my ‘Big Girl Camera,’ editing them on the computer, and maybe, just maybe, posting them for the world to see.  I was overthinking, overediting, and overwhelming myself in the process.  It was no fun, and I stopped taking as many photos…especially of my everyday life.

It’s different with Instagram.  Instagram makes it easy to share the photos I take with my phone…and there’s no pressure to make them perfect.  I do some quick edits {the VSCOcam editing app rocks}, and BAM, they’re posted.  It’s great for capturing the everyday.

And I’m not just taking pictures on my phone…I’m bringing out the ‘Big Girl Camera’ more often too.  I realize that editing is necessary {like laundry or dishes}, but I have let it get in my way for too long.  I love taking pictures.  That’s where my focus is once again!

So watch out, I’ll be posting to The ‘S’ Files more often – more stories, projects, images from the archives – and Instagram collages {like this one!}

The ‘S’ Galaxy ~ June 1.0
InstaJUNE1) ‘Night of Enchantment’ fundraising event  2) Office sign at the local pool  3) ME! at the pool  4) Love NM Sunsets  5) and NM skies  6) my niece at the park  7) Welcome to the family, Lucy!  8) Father’s Day…LOVE you grandpa  9) The Girl in the window…at Olive Garden  10) ME! on a porch  11) the Hubby’s giant orchid  12) The Boy has game  13) Hello there, grasshopper!  {we had swarms of these guys in June}  14) The Boy loves his Gma  15) The Boy at the pool  16) Garden gnome…makes me want to travel.

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