Love is Sweet

Last summer, a friend of a friend pulled me aside at a baby shower and asked if I would take photos at her son’s wedding.  “Oh no,” I said, “I don’t do weddings!”  She went on to explain that her son and his fiancé both have Down Syndrome. Their wedding was going to be sweet and simple ~ a backyard ceremony with close friends and family, followed by pizza and wine coolers.  Well who could say no to that?!

When I first met Stephen and Nica a few months later, they were besides themselves with excitement.  They were eager to share the story of how they met and their plans for the future – but mostly we talked about the details for their big day.  And as I listened to the beaming bride and groom to be talk about dresses, tuxes and golf courses, it became clear to me that this wedding was not going to be a simple backyard celebration.

It was also clear that these two could not WAIT to get married.  I told them that it would be worth the wait…that April was the best month to get married (I was speaking from experience, you see).  Still, I wasn’t sure how they were going to make it.

But they did.  April finally arrived.  And so it was, on a breezy spring evening, over 250 guests gathered to witness the exchange of vows, rings and kisses between a most special couple.

Stephen & Nica…it was an honor to be a part of your big day.  With all my heart, I wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

~ S

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