This week I’m submitting a pic of my daughter and her Bestie to the I Heart Faces Photo Challenge, theme “Girls.”  Join in the fun!!!  Visit for more details!


These two met in preschool when they were three, and have been BFF’s ever since.  Their birthdays are just two days apart, so we teamed up for the big “oh five” and had one huge bash.  This was the photo we used for the invite!  (See some more photos taken that day here).

Our family has since moved to a different state, but these girls have managed to stay close.  In fact, this past Sunday they had one of their BFF Skype sessions.  They took turns sharing artwork and showing off a few favorite things.  They blew lots of kisses, repeatedly said how much they loved and missed each other, and even let the little brothers get some face time (their little brothers are the same age too…perfect, right?!).

This is one friendship destined to last a lifetime…I’m so happy my daughter found such a special friend this early in her life!

~ S


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