A Pre-Schooler’s Guide to Fashion

I’ve always been fascinated by the style musings of young children.  So when I came across this article, “26 Fashion Rules You Should Break Immediately,” I had to wonder – is the fashion world being influenced by pre-schoolers?

If they could write their very own list of Fashion Rules, this is what I imagine it would look like:

30 Pre-School Fashion RulesPre-School Fashion

  1. What The Heck is Labor Day? — wear white whenever you like (especially if it’s going to rain and you have a lot of dirt on your playground)
  2. Less is more is another bogus rule — more is more!  Go ahead and layer clothes, socks, underwear…and there’s no such thing as too many accessories.
  3. You can should wear sequins during the day – boys, go ahead and add a little sparkle too.
  4. Wearing one color head-to-toe is completely acceptable – so is wearing one pattern head-to-toe …try all stripes!
  5. Tutus go with everything.
  6. What shoes compliment that fancy dress or suit?  Sneakers!  Try to find some that light up when you walk.
  7. Wearing pajamas out of the house is always OK.
  8. Stickers and temporary tattoos are the perfect way to add personality to any outfit.  Don’t have any on hand?  Grab a marker and create your own!
  9. Whenever possible, show up entirely overdressed – the flower girl dress you wore for aunt Megan’s wedding is PERFECT attire for that birthday party at the trampoline gym.  Try wearing a tutu underneath for impact, and don’t forget to accessorize with fairy wings, princess crown, plastic Disney heels, and glitter…LOTS of glitter.
  10. There is no such thing as too much glitter.
  11. Cowboy boots go with everything…especially your birthday suit.
  12. Don’t be fooled, lipstick isn’t just for lips…try going outside the lines, and don’t forget about your cheeks, eyes, forehead…oh,your little brother wants some too?!  FANTASTIC!!!
  13. If you can squeeze into it, it fits!  Don’t worry about buttons or zippers.
  14. It’s OK to wear your favorite character tee twice in one week – heck, wear it every day!
  15. Mixing prints and patterns is a must.  Experiment with unlikely color combos too.
  16. Who says swimming suits are just for the pool?  Work them into your daily rotation.  Applies to soccer uniforms and leotards as well.
  17. Socks are not just for your feet – mittens anyone?  Ear muffs?
  18. Just because it’s 30 below and snowing, doesn’t mean you can’t rock your favorite tank and shorts from two summers ago – stand your ground on this one, you will have resistance.
  19. Tired of your old digs?  Just pee yourself at school, and you get BRAND NEW CLOTHES!  They may even let you rummage through lost and found yourself – there are many treasures in there.  Like a trunk show!
  20. Matching socks are boring…mix ‘em up…and wear them with flip flops…in December.
  21. Matching shoes are boring too…try wearing them on the wrong feet!
  22. Can’t decide between those three shirts?  Wear them all! (see #2)
  23. If a grown up says “Matching,” “Coordinating,” or “Appropriate” about your ensemble, that’s a huge red flag.  Go change IMMEDIATELY.
  24. Halloween costumes are ALWAYS in season…and they last forever…don’t mind the open seam or torn sleeves.
  25. Tired of wearing pants?  Just take them off!
  26. NEVER wear clothes together that were on the same hanger at the store…sets were made to be broken.
  27. Try to combine summer and winter clothes whenever possible.  Snow gloves are the perfect accessory for a sun dress…and shorts can easily be worn over pants for a fresh winter look.
  28. If you get to school and realize your ensemble is a little blah, try spilling different colored paint, food, or juice on yourself for instant pizazz.
  29. If you can’t decide what to wear, just wear what you wore yesterday.
  30. The worst thing you can do is ask mom for help.  She will pick something for you that violates at least 20 of these rules.  If you must consult a grown up, ask dad.

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